“TC is an expert at what they do. Not only are their poems insightful, but they made my audience laugh plenty of times too. They're definitely an artist that can cross over to multiple kinds of crowds.
-Deonte Osayonde, organizer of Freshwater Wordsmiths, Detroit MI

"TC put on the kind of show that I haven't seen during all my time of hosting an open mic. Their set followed a narrative arc that was really interesting and they absolutely inspired folks in the room with their vulnerable performance (and their jaw dropping micro poems). If you want a poet that is commanding on both the stage and the page, TC is your poet."
-Fitz Fitzpatrick, host of Broken Mic, Spokane WA

"TC's work has a relatability and comfortable familiarity that makes it timeless and accessible. Troy transcends place and time, capturing an existential twenty something angst, a youthful zeitgeist, an imperative of "today".  Their social consciousness is thoroughly modern, and they tackle subjects such as mental illness with humor, fearlessness, and endearing humility.  
-Jessica "Morningstar" Kratz, author of The Lucky Lighthouse, Staten Island NY

"TC wields language like a whimsical yet subtly visceral weapon.
-Jay Ward, 2016 Queen City Poet of the Year, Charlotte NC

"Their book? I skimmed it and then threw it in a dumpster fire."
-Joe "XO" Snyder, organizer of SAFE Words Poetry Slam, Orlando FL

"TC entertains with an energy and off-kilter grace that can only be described as mesmerizing. They are a zingbat who will surprise you with unexpected snippets of proud punk poetry fueled by true life experience."
-Autumn Echo, organizer of Pulse Poetry Slam, Jamestown NY